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Galleries @ Allahabad Museum

The different galleries of the museum are known for their remarkable exhibits. The priceless rare collection of Bharhut sculptures,  the inscribed statue of Buddha of the second regnal year of Kanishka from Kausambi, the sculpture of Bodhisattva Maittreya in Gandhara style, the architectural remains of the Shiva temple of Bhumara (M.P.) of Gupta age, Ekmukhi Shivlinga of Gupta period from Khoh, the bewitching figures of sursundaries from Shiva temple of Jamsot Allahabad are some of the most valuable possessions of the Sculptural gallery.

The museum has got a vast collection of terracottas from the important archaeological sites of Kausambi, Jhusi and Bhita. They are extremely important for the study of development of terracotta art and provide valuable material for cultural studies of the period to which they belong.

The collection of beads of precious and semi-precious stones, crystal, terracotta and different metals are remarkable for their precision and beauty. Special mention may be made of beads of animals and birds as they are extremely rare elsewhere. There are more than  six hundred inscribed seals and sealings, copper plate inscriptions, and a vast collection of coins comprising of the punchmarked, copper cast coins, gold and silver coins ranging from early historical period  upto the Mughal period. There are some important Firmans of the Mughal kings. The Museum ha got a rich collection of illustrated manuscripts in Sanskrit and Persian. The recent most acquisition is Shahnama.

The recently laid out gallery depicting the life and achievements of Mahatma Gandhi through photographs is of special attraction. Some rare postal tickets, coins etc. issued by different countries in the honour of the Mahatma are also displayed.

The Gandhi Smriti Vahan  on which ashes of  the Father of the Nation were immersed in the Sangam of Feb. 12, 1948 is the proud possession of the Museum. This 47 model V-8 Ford truck has been maintained in its original form.

In the  Nehru Gallery are displayed the priceless collection of Pandit Nehru which he had presented to the Museum along with the original manuscript  of his Autobiography and numerous letters and documents. The gallery on India's Struggle for Independence from 1857-1947, the important facets of the struggle have been shown through photographs. It has a section on the revolutionaries also. The pistol of great revolutionary Chandra Shekhar Azad is a pride possession of Allahabad Museum and is displayed in the entrance hall. His bronze bust is going to be put up in the triangular park on the left of the drive way. The Gallery on Glory of Allahabad  which is under preparation shall have sections on literary and cultural traditions of Allahabad.

The section on literary tradition of Allahabad will throw light on the literary figures of Hindi, English, Urdu etc. The section on cultural tradition will throw light on the famous temples and architectural remains etc. of Allahabad. Besides it will have a section on important personalities who have contributed in the making of Allahabad in any field. Two more galleries one on Buddhist Thangkas and the other on the Evolution of Cultural in the Ganga Valley is in the process of being setup.

The Rock Art Gallery has the largest collection of prehistoric paintings any where displayed in India. They have been dated between 14-13 thousand years B.C. to 2000-1500 B.C.

The painting collection of the Museum is very rich. Paintings from various Rajasthani Schools, specially Ragmala paintings are worth mentioning Modern Paintings are represented by some of the most renowned paintings like that of Nicholas Roerich, Anagarika Govind, Asit Kumar Haldar and many other Bengal School painters.

Important objects of museum collection have been displayed in the Sixteen Galleries of the Museum including one gallery for temporary exhibitions. These galleries are: Introductory Gallery: The central hall of the Allahabad Museum is called introductory gallery as it contains a representative collection of paintings of AK Haldar, sculptures, Pistol of Chandra Shekhar Azad and an Ivory chariot gifted to Pt. Nehru from Karnataka. Archaeological Gallery/Rock Art Gallery: A representative collection of objects connected with Harappan culture and Copper hoard culture are on display. Seals and sealings collection containing names of individuals, trading guilds, kings, nobles, officials and educational institutions are also an important attraction. Terracotta Gallery: The Museum has a rich collection of more than six thousand terracotta objects belonging to Kausambi, Jhusi, Ahichchhtra, Rajghat, Patna, Buxar, Chandraketugarh and various other places of U.P., Bihar and Bengal. Gajalakshmi, standing Lakshmi on lotus are some of the exquisite pieces in the terracotta collection. Early Sculpture Gallery: The stone sculptures include exquisite panels, coping stones etc. from Bharhut, Kushana sculptures from Mathura, Gupta sculptures and 11th century carvings from Khajuraho. The masterpieces of stone sculpture includes the tasselled head of Shiva projecting from a stone linga which potrays the classical purity of Gupta art. A blue schist Bodhisattva resembling the image of Greek God Apollo depicting the syncretisation of Indo-Greek styles. The bejeweled yakshis from Jamsot are the finest sculptures in this gallery. Medieval Sculpture Gallery: The sculptures dating back to medieval period are displayed in this gallery. Prominent among these are Uma Maheshwar, Chamunda, Varah, Adinath, Jamsot Nayika, Vishnu etc. Miniature Painting Gallery: The painting of 18-19th century paintings from Rajasthani, Mughal, Kangra styles are displayed here. Literary Gallery: This gallery mainly contains personalia collections of Pt. Sumitranandan Pant, ‘Nirala’ and Mahadevi Verma. Besides these, collection of Prem chand, Ram Kumar Verma and Naresh Mehta are displayed. Natural History Gallery: This gallery houses the stuffed species of avies, reptiles and mammals including various species of migratory birds, leopard, cub, tiger, peacock, ostrich etc. Gandhi Gallery: It contains photographs of Mahatma Gandhi from his days in South Africa to his involvement in the Freedom Struggle in India. It also has on display original salt made by Gandhi at Dandi. The pocket watch of Mahatma Gandhi and brass caskets in which Mahatma’s ashes were taken to Sangam, Allahabad and the Ford vehicle that carried the ashes of Gandhi to Sangam for immersion is parked in a separate enclosure outside the Museum. Nehru Gallery: This gallery contains the personalia collection of Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru including welcome addresses, autobiography of Nehru, caskets and photographs from Pt. Nehru childhood to his last days. A golden stick and a model of Anand Bhawan add lustre to the gallery. Decorative Art Gallery: Beautiful wooden furnitures glazed pottery including Deft ware from Holland and pottery from China and ivory carving are the most attractive items in the collection here. Arms, Armours and Bronze Gallery: The Museum also possesses a variety of arms and armours including medieval swords, body armour, antique pistols and small daggers. The pride of place is occupied by a gold sword cover gifted to the museum by the Governor of Uttar Pradesh. Textile Gallery: It contains several exquisite textiles including Baluchari Saree and Zari work. Modern Indian Painting Gallery: Allahabad Museum has a large collection of Bengal School of Art and Modern Painting of Anagarika Govind, Nicholas and Svetoslav Roerich. Among the works of the Bengal School the museum has the largest collection of the paintings of Asit Kumar Haldar. Freedom Struggle Gallery: It contains the photographs from Revolt of 1857 to India’s independence. It also contains valuable letters of Mahatma Gandhi. The gallery has on display valuable match box labels printed in Sweden, Japan and Australia and the sword and dress of Liaqat Ali of Allahabad. Publications: Museum has published number of Books, Catalogues, Seminar proceedings in order to encourage research and education and a variety of souvenir items like replicas of sculptures, picture post cards, prints of original paintings.

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