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Allahabad Museum


The Allahabad Museum located in the picturesque Chandrashekhar Azad Park (company bagh) is among the National level museums of India. The beautiful location, large sprawling green lawn and nicely laid out garden has given it a special attraction. It was originally established under the aegis of  Allahabad Municipality in 1931 with a small collection of model of birds and animals.

New Rock-art Gallery

Next time you visit Allahabad Museum, you will find yourself inside an artificially created cave where you will be watching the pre-historic Rock-art. Isn’t it interesting?

Allahabad Museum’s Green Project

The Allahabad Museum has come forward to keep track of changing eco-life by making a digital bank of the existing flora and fauna in the city.
The project would also help the museum in comparing the exisiting and past eco-life of the city.
Further, visitors would also be apprised of the species of plants and animals at the Natural History gallery of the museum.

Over the years there has been a sea change both in the concept and functioning of a museum. The museums are no more a repository of collections, rather these are centers for learning and recreation. Therefore, the museum should embark on outreach programmes, research, exploration and creative activities targeting the audience. Thus, the responsibilty of the Director is obviously becoming more arduous and challenging. Every museum has a personality of its own and the activities are intimately connected and inextricably interwoven with it. The museum often called as the index of culture of the region and when a visitor visits a museum would obviously look for getting glimpses of the city through the artifacts displayed in the museum. Allahabad has a long and varied history and the museum makes its endeavour to fulfill the aspiration of the audience by way of scientific display whereby a lay audience can understand not only the theme of the objects or the narratives but also the intricacies of making the art since the mute object cannot speak to the audeince. This year's mandate of the musuem is to develop new audiences through exhibitions, visitor facilties, educational programmes and overall improvement in visitor experience.
- Rajesh Purohit

This year the museum will focus not only on the enhanced of the visitor experience by organizing exhibitions in story telling manner. It also provides scholarly guide to understand exhibits in a better way.



Attractions of Allahabad Museum

The world famous Bharut Stone Sculptures depicting the Jataka stories.


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The Allahabad Museum celebrated its 82nd foundation day on 28th February 2012. A heritage walk was taken out on the occasion. The heritage walk took place from the site of the old Museum building in the Mahanagar Palika.
•The Museum has declared and honoured to Dr. Prakash Khetan, Neuro Surgeon and Shri Ashish Kumar, Gymnast as Brand Ambessdor of the Allahabad Museum. Several cultural activities were organised on the occasion.
•Twelve 12 officers/officials of the Museum were honoured for their enthusiastic service. The highlight of the celebration was a kaleidoscope of Dance and Music performance by children.
•The Allahabad Museum celebrated its 83rd foundation day on 28th February 2013. A heritage walk was taken out on the occasion. The heritage walk took place from the site of the old Museum building in the Municipal Corporation Compound. The heritage walk was flagged off by municipal commissioner Shri R. Vikram Singh.
•On the occasion of foundation-day a drama written by Prof. Radha Ballabh Tripathi titled Udayan Katha directed by Shri Anil Bhaumik was organised in which 25th Artist were participated and played vital roles before the audience.


Allahabad Museum

An Autonomous Body under the Ministry of Culture GOVT. OF INDIA.

Chandrashekhar Azad Park, Kamla Nehru Road, ALLAHABAD

Pin Code : 211002

Phone No. 0532-2407409, 2408690,                  2408237

Fax         : 0532-2407834


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Art Appreciation Course

College going Students, House wives and other interested people will have the opportunity to avail the facility of this course in the months of June-July whereby understand Art, Architecture, Music, Dance, Archeology, Painting, so on and so forth.